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, あず.ける, あず.かる
deposit, custody, leave with, entrust to
, よきん
Takes suru
deposit, bank account
ける, あずける
Ichidan verb, Transitive
1. to leave (in someone's keeping), to put (in someone's care), to place (in someone's custody), to entrust (someone) with, to deposit
2. to put (someone) in charge of, to leave (a matter) in someone's hands, to let (someone) decide
3. to lean on, to put one's weight on
かる, あずかる
Godan verb, Transitive
1. to look after, to take care of, to keep, to hold on to, to keep in custody
2. to be put in charge of, to be given responsibility for, to be entrusted with
3. to withhold (an announcement), to reserve (judgment), to leave undecided
4. to take upon oneself (to do), to settle (a matter) oneself
予備, , よび
May take 'no'
1. reserve, spare
2. preparation, preliminaries
定期, ていきよきん
term deposit, (fixed) time deposit
貯金, よちょきん
deposits and savings, bank account
普通, ふつうよきん
ordinary bank account
け入れ, , 入れ, あずけいれ
Takes suru
かり所, あずかりじょ, あずかりしょ
cloakroom, parcel room
, よたく
Takes suru, May take 'no'
depositing (of money, valuables, etc.), deposition
かり, , あずかり
1. under custody, under supervision
2. undecided match, draw, tie
, あずけ
custody, keeping
, よにゅう
See 預け入れ, usu. used in compound words
貸率, よたいりつ
loan-deposit ratio
, 御, おあずけ
1. making a person, pet, etc. wait (before being permitted to do something)
2. postponement, putting on hold
, よげん
Takes suru, See 予言, esp. in Christianity and other revealed religions
かり金, り金, あずかりきん
deposit (received)
, よけつ
Takes suru
depositing blood (in a blood bank)
, よる
Buddhist term
sotāpanna, śrotāpanna, stream-winner, stream-entrant
け入れる, あずけいれる
Ichidan verb, Transitive
to make a deposit
言者, 予言者, よげんしゃ
prophet, predictor, prognosticator
け金, あずけきん
key money
け物, あずけもの
object left in a person's charge
金者, よきんしゃ
り証, かり証, あずかりしょう
claim check, baggage check, luggage check, deposit receipt
託金, よたくきん
け主, あずけぬし
, てらあずけ
See 寺入り, Obscure term
incarcerating a criminal in a temple as a form of punishment (popular during the latter Muromachi and Azuchi-Momoyama periods)
言書, よげんしょ
prophetic writing (e.g. Biblical), written prophecy
, げんよきん
cash equivalent
当座, とうざよきん
See 預金
1. current account, transactional account
2. checking account, cheque account, demand account
一時, いちじあずけ
(baggage) checking, temporary depositing
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