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, 笞, 韃, 策, むち, ぶち, ムチ
1. whip, lash, scourge
2. stick, cane, rod, pointer
, べんもう
, 枝むち, えだむち
birch rod
, 御, ごべんたつ
Takes suru, See 鞭撻・1
encouragement, urging, spurring on
飴と, 飴とムチ, あめとむち, あめとムチ, アメとムチ
Expression, Idiomatic expression
carrot and stick, candy and whip
打ち, むち打ち, , むちうち
1. whipping, beating with a whip
See 鞭打ち症, Abbreviation
2. whiplash
毛虫, べんもうちゅう
flagellate, mastigophoran
入れ, むちいれ
whipping (horse racing), using the whip
, さんべんしゅ, しゃんぱん
See シャンパン, Obscure term
愛の, 愛のむち, あいのむち
Expression, Idiomatic expression
(lesson in) tough love
, せんべん
initiative, pioneering
打ち症, むち打ち症, むちうちしょう
毛藻類, べんもうそうるい
毛虫, うずべんもうちゅう
May take 'no'
毛藻, うずべんもうそう
毛虫類, べんもうちゅうるい
flagellates, mastigophorans
毛虫, えりべんもうちゅう
, 教べん, きょうべん
See 教鞭をとる
teacher's cane, teacher's pointer
をとる, 教を執る, 教を取る, きょうべんをとる
Expression, Godan verb
to teach, to take a teaching job
毛藻類, うずべんもうそうるい
毛虫綱, えりべんもうちゅうこう
Choanoflagellatea, class of flagellate eukaryotes closely related to animals
毛虫門, えりべんもうちゅうもん
Choanozoa, phylum of protists closer to animals than to fungi
, べんたつ
Takes suru, See ご鞭撻
1. encouragement, urging, spurring on
2. chastising by whipping
打つ, むち打つ, むちうつ
Godan verb, Transitive
to whip, to lash, to give the rod, to spur on, to encourage
駑馬に打つ, どばにむちうつ
Expression, Godan verb, Humble
1. to work hard, to keep one's nose to the grindstone, to whip a jaded horse
orig. meaning
2. to make someone do what is beyond their ability
ランブル毛虫, ランブルべんもうちゅう
See ランブル鞭毛虫症
Giardia lamblia, protozoan parasite of the small intestine that causes giardiasis
ランブル毛虫症, ランブルべんもうちゅうしょう
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