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隠れ, かくれ
Noun, used as a prefix
1. hidden, concealed, unknown, crypto-
See お隠れ
2. passing away, dying, death
このような名詞句を隠れ疑問文(concealed question)といいます。
隠れ, 匿れる, かくれる
Ichidan verb, Intransitive
to hide, to be hidden, to conceal oneself, to disappear
見え隠れ, 見えかくれ, 見えがくれ, みえかくれ, みえがくれ
Takes suru
appearing and disappearing, slipping in and out of view
隠れ, かくれ家, 隠れ, 隠処, かくれが, かくれや
1. hiding place, hideout, refuge
2. retreat, hideaway
隠る, なまる, かくる
Conjugated: 隠れ
Godan verb, Intransitive, Archaism
to hide, to be hidden, to conceal oneself, to disappear
隠れ, すがくれ
hiding in the nest
隠れ, こがくれ
hidden behind trees
隠れ, かくれざと
1. hidden village (esp. hidden retreat for nobles or refuge for soldiers of a defeated army), isolated village
2. legendary land (deep in mountains or underground), Shangri-La
隠れ, はがくれ
hiding in the leaves
隠れ, かくれみち
hidden path
隠れ, 隠蟹, かくれがに, カクレガニ
Usually in kana
pea crab (any crab of the family Pinnotheridae)
隠れ, かくれうお, カクレウオ
Usually in kana
Encheliophis sagamianus (species of pearlfish)
隠れ, かくれせん
Computer terminology
hidden line
隠れ, かくれば
hiding place
隠れ, 御隠れ, お崩れ, おかくれ
See 隠れ・かくれ・2, Honorific or respectful
passing away, dying, death
隠れ, かくれがさ
hat of invisibility, hat that makes its wearer invisible
隠れ, かくれみ
vanishing from sight (usu. via magic, camouflage. etc.), disappearing, hiding
隠れ, 隠れみの, かくれみの, カクレミノ
1. cover (e.g. for illegal activity), front, guise
Usually in kana
2. Dendropanax trifidus (species of flowering plant)
orig. meaning
3. straw raincoat that makes one invisible
隠れ, くもがくれ
Takes suru
1. vanishing behind the clouds (e.g. of the moon)
2. vanishing, suddenly disappearing, going into hiding
隠れ借金, かくれしゃっきん
hidden debts
隠れん坊, 隠れんぼ, かくれんぼ, かくれんぼう
Usually in kana
hide-and-seek (game), hide-and-go-seek
隠れ場所, かくればしょ
hiding place, refuge
隠れ伏す, かくれふす
Godan verb
to lie concealed
隠れ肥満, かくれひまん
normal weight obesity, hidden obesity, being thin while having an unhealthily high body fat percentage
隠れ住む, かくれすむ
Godan verb
to live in hiding, to live as a recluse
隠れ潜む, 隠れひそむ, かくれひそむ
Godan verb, Intransitive
to hide, to lie motionless in hiding
隠れ貧困, かくれひんこん
poverty in spite of having a high income
隠れ念仏, かくれねんぶつ
historical term
secret Jōdo Shinshū sect of Buddhism (practised in Kyushu in the Edo period)
隠れも無い, 隠れもない, かくれもない
野に隠れ, やにかくれる
Expression, Ichidan verb, See 野に下る, Obscure term
to retire from public service
隠れ身の術, かくれみのじゅつ
Expression, See 隠れ身
art of disappearing (esp. ninja)
隠れキャラ, かくれキャラ
Computer terminology
hidden character (e.g. in computer games)
隠れファン, かくれファン
secret admirer, closet fan
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