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イン, オン, かく.す, かく.し, かく.れる, かか.す, よ.る
conceal, hide, cover
, くす, 匿す, 隱す, かくす
Godan verb, Transitive
to hide, to conceal
れる, 匿れる, かくれる
Ichidan verb, Intransitive
to hide, to be hidden, to conceal oneself, to disappear
何をそう, 何をかくそう, なにをかくそう
to be frank with you, to tell you the truth, I'm going to lay my cards on the table
し引き出し, かくしひきだし
secret drawer, hidden drawer
, かくし
Noun, used as a prefix, Noun, used as a suffix
1. hiding, concealing, being hidden, being concealed
See 衣嚢・かくし
2. pocket
見え, 見えかくれ, 見えがくれ, みえかくれ, みえがくれ
Takes suru
appearing and disappearing, slipping in and out of view
, 堙滅, 湮滅, いんめつ, えんめつ
Takes suru, Law term
1. destruction (esp. of evidence), spoliation, suppression
2. hiding, concealment
, かくれ
Noun, used as a prefix
1. hidden, concealed, unknown, crypto-
See お隠れ
2. passing away, dying, death
このような名詞句を隠れ疑問文(concealed question)といいます。
れ家, かくれ家, れ処, , かくれが, かくれや
1. hiding place, hideout, refuge
2. retreat, hideaway
, 目かくし, めかくし
Takes suru
1. something used to cover the eyes, blindfold, blinder, blinker, eye bandage
2. concealing one's home such that the interior cannot be seen from outside
し立て, しだて, かくしだて
Takes suru
secrecy, keeping secret
, いんきょ
Takes suru
1. retirement
2. retired person
, いんとく
Takes suru
, おんみつ
NA-adjective, May take 'no'
1. secret, clandestine, covert
historical term
2. spy (for a daimyo, shogun, etc.), secret agent
し事, しごと, かくしごと, かくしこと
Takes suru
secret, secrecy
, おき
1. Oki (former province located on Oki Island in present-day Shimane Prefecture)
2. Oki (island)
, いんげん, インゲン
See 隠元豆, Usually in kana
common bean, green bean
, いんし
hermit, recluse
, いんせん
hidden line
, , 御坊, おんぼう
1. cemetery guard
2. crematorium worker
, いんめん
hidden surface
, , いんけん
Takes suru
appearance and disappearance
, いんいつ
, 翅虫, 羽, 羽, はねかくし, ハネカクシ
Usually in kana
rove beetle
, なまる, かくる
Godan verb, Intransitive, Archaism
to hide, to be hidden, to conceal oneself, to disappear
, 陰事, いんじ
Obscure term
, おんぎょう, いんぎょう
invisibility (through magic)
, きじかくし, キジカクシ
Usually in kana
Asparagus schoberioides
, いんぷく
Takes suru
, かくれがめ, カクレガメ
Usually in kana
Mary River turtle (Elusor macrurus)
, いんぴ
Takes suru
making secret, not revealing, hiding (something)
, たいいん
enlightened hermit
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