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関係者, かんけいしゃ
person concerned, people involved (in an event), those concerned, staff
利害関係者, りがいかんけいしゃ
interested parties, persons concerned, stakeholder
医療関係者, いりょうかんけいしゃ
health care worker, medical personnel
関係者各位, かんけいしゃかくい
Expression, Honorific or respectful
to whom it may concern, to the involved parties, to all persons concerned
報道関係者, ほうどうかんけいしゃ
news media, news organization, newspeople, people in the press
仕事関係者, しごとかんけいしゃ
business associate
暴力団関係者, ぼうりょくだんかんけいしゃ
person involved in a gang, person with gangster associations, yakuza member
関係者以外立入禁止, 関係者以外立入り禁止, かんけいしゃいがいたちいりきんし
Expression, on signage
No Unauthorized Persons, No Unauthorized Entry, Authorized Personnel Only
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