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, もん, かど
Noun, used as a suffix
1. gate
Only もん
2. branch of learning based on the teachings of a single master
Biology term
3. division, phylum
4. counter for cannons
, , と
Only 戸, See 扉・1
1. door (esp. Japanese-style)
2. shutter, window shutter
3. entrance (to a home)
4. narrows
, ぶもん
May take 'no'
division (of a larger group), branch, field, class (subclass), group, category, department
, 專, せんもん
May take 'no'
speciality, specialty, subject of study, expert, area of expertise
, せんもんか
specialist, expert, professional, authority, pundit
学校, 専ガッコ, 専ガッコウ, せんもんがっこう, せんもんガッコウ, せんもんガッコ
vocational school, technical school
, めいもん
May take 'no'
1. noted family, noble family
See 名門校・めいもんこう
2. prestigious school, organization, business, etc.
, にゅうもん
Takes suru
1. entering an institution, beginning training
May take 'no'
2. primer, manual, introduction (to)
, パンムンジョム, はんもんてん
Panmunjon (Korea), Joint Security Area (Korean Demilitarized Zone)
, せんもんてん
specialist shop, shop specializing in a few types of product
, せんもんてき
technical (e.g. discussion), exclusive, professional
, もんこ
, せんもんい
medical specialist
, せいもん
main gate, main entrance
, こうもん
school gate
, かんもん
1. barrier, checkpoint, gateway
2. hurdle, obstacle, trial
, しゅうもん
(religious) denomination, sect
, もんぜん
before the gate, in front of the gate
, メンゼン
See 門前清, Mahjong term, Abbreviation
one's hand being completely concealed, not having called any tiles
登竜, 登龍, とうりゅうもん
gateway to success, opening to honours, opening to honors
前払い, もんぜんばらい
turning another away at the gate or front door, refusing to receive a caller
, いちもん
1. family, clan, kin
2. sect, school, adherents, followers, disciples
Sumo term
3. group of related sumo stables
戸開放政策, もんこかいほうせいさく
open door policy
, だいもん, おおもん
large front gate
, 鳴戸, なると
from 鳴門海峡
1. strait with a roaring tidal ebb and flow, whirlpool, maelstrom
See 鳴門巻き, Abbreviation
2. kamaboko with a spiral whirlpool-like pattern
Food term
3. cooking technique where ingredients are cut in a spiral pattern
Only 鳴門
4. Naruto, city in NE Tokushima pref
5. Naruto Strait
, ながと
Nagato (former province located in the west of present-day Yamaguchi Prefecture)
, もんぴ
door(s) of a gate
, もんか
one's pupil, one's student, one's follower
, はもん
Takes suru, May take 'no'
1. expulsion (of a pupil)
2. excommunication, anathema
, もんげん
closing time, lockup, curfew
, 首途, かどで, しゅと
Takes suru, also has an archaic reading of かどいで
1. leaving one's own house (e.g. when going to war), departure, setting out
2. starting a new life, starting life anew
, さんもん
Buddhist term
1. main temple gate
2. temple
, もんばん
gatekeeper, door guard, doorman, concierge, janitor
狭き, せまきもん
1. the strait gate (in the Bible), the narrow gate
2. high barrier (to enter a highly competitive school, company, etc.), difficult hurdle, difficulty, obstacle
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