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, 鏈, くさり
chain, chains
, , じょう
1. lock, padlock
Noun, used as a suffix, Counter
2. tablet, lozenge, pill
, へいさ
Takes suru
closing, closure, shutdown, lockout
, ふうさ
Takes suru
1. blockade, lockdown, sealing off (an area)
2. freezing (funds)
, れんさ
Takes suru
1. chain, chaining, connection
2. (genetic) linkage
, さこく
Takes suru, See 開国・2
1. national isolation, closing the country (to foreigners)
2. sakoku, policy of national isolation enacted by the Tokugawa shogunate
経済封, けいざいふうさ
economic blockade, embargo
, きんぐさり
golden chain
, くさりとい, くさりどい
rain chain (hanging from a gutter and functioning as downspout, often made of ornamental cups)
, さじょう
May take 'no'
, くさりいと
chain of yarn
, くさりがま
sickle and chain (weapon)
, そくさ
chemical side chain
, そくさ
measuring chain
, させん
chain line, dot-dash line
くさりへび, , クサリヘビ
See 蝮, Usually in kana
viper (esp. a pitless viper)
, さいん
, くさりぐるま
See 鎖歯車
sprocket wheel
, ちょくさ
Noun or verb acting prenominally, May take 'no', Chemistry term
straight-chain, open-chain, acyclic, linear
, のこ, くさりのこ
See チェーンソー
, とうさ
Chemistry term
glycan, sugar chain
反応, れんさはんのう
1. chain reaction
2. nuclear chain reaction
再封, さいふうさ
Takes suru
reblocking, refreeze
編み, くさりあみ
chain stitch
帷子, かたびら, くさりかたびら
chain mail (armor, armour)
, れんさてん
chain store
伝動, くさりでんどう
chain drive
万力, まんりきぐさり
Martial arts term
Ninja weighted chain weapon
, へいさてき
NA-adjective, See 開放的
insular, closed, unsociable, exclusive
, へいさしき
closed circuit
, れんさぐん
linkage group (genetics)
呼吸, こきゅうさ
respiratory chain
歯車, くさりはぐるま
sprocket wheel
, へいさおん
Linguistics terminology
stop, stop consonant, occlusive
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