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野生, やせい
Takes suru, May take 'no'
1. wild, growing wild, living in the wild
Pronoun, Archaism, Male term
2. I
野生, やせいいぬ
1. wild dog, Asiatic jackal (Canis aureus ssp.), golden jackal
2. side-striped jackal (carnivore, Canis adustus)
野生, やせいじ
feral child
野生, やせいしゅ
wild species (as opposed to domesticated species)
野生, やせいか
Takes suru
going feral (of a species), reverting to wild, escape
野生, 野生ブタ, やせいぶた, やせいブタ
feral pig
野生動物, やせいどうぶつ
wild animal
野生生物, やせいせいぶつ
野生絶滅, やせいぜつめつ
May take 'no'
Extinct in the Wild (conservation status), EW
野生動物保護団体, やせいどうぶつほごだんたい
wildlife protection organization (organisation)
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