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ジョウ, かも.す
brew, cause
, じょうせい
Takes suru, See 醸造
1. brewing, fermenting
2. arousing, causing, creating, fermenting, bringing about
, じょうぞう
Takes suru
, ぎんじょうしゅ
ginjō sake, high-quality sake brewed by low temperature fermentation from white rice milled to 60%
, ぎんじょう
See 吟醸酒, Abbreviation
ginjō sake, high-quality sake brewed by low temperature fermentation from white rice milled to 60%
し出す, かもし出す, しだす, かもしだす
Godan verb, Transitive
to create (an atmosphere, feeling, etc.), to produce, to engender
, かじょう
sweet sake, good wine
, じょうぼ
leaven, yeast
造学, じょうぞうがく
造所, じょうぞうしょ, じょうぞうじょ
brewery, distillery
造酒, じょうぞうしゅ
brewage, liquor
造家, じょうぞうか
造業, じょうぞうぎょう
brewing industry
造酢, じょうぞうす
brewed vinegar
自家, じかじょう
Takes suru, Obscure term
homebrewing, homebrew
大吟, だいぎんじょう
See 精米歩合・せいまいぶあい
top-quality sake brewed from rice grains milled to 50% of weight or less
, ほんじょうぞう
pure brew (e.g. sake, soy sauce)
, ぞうじょうしゅ
zōjōshu, sake with added distilled alcohol, sweeteners, flavorings, etc.
, かもす
Godan verb, Transitive
1. to brew (sake, etc.)
2. to cause, to bring on, to bring about, to give rise to
信頼, しんらいじょうせい
trust building, confidence building
自家, じかじょうぞう
May take 'no'
造酒, ほんじょうぞうしゅ
See 本醸造・ほんじょうぞう
sake brewed without addition of saccharides and no more than 120 litres of seed alcohol per tonne
物議を, ぶつぎをかもす
Expression, Godan verb
to arouse criticism, to provoke, to cause a controversy, to give rise to hostile comment
純米吟, じゅんまいぎんじょうしゅ
See 吟醸酒
ginjō sake with no added alcohol
造調味料, じょうぞうちょうみりょう
fermented seasoning (e.g. mirin, cooking sake, miso)
ワイン, ワインじょうぞう
, めいじょう
famous winery, famous brewery
信頼成措置, しんらいじょうせいそち
confidence-building measures, CBM
造アルコール, じょうぞうアルコール
distilled alcohol (sometimes added in the production of sake)
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