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遠い, とおい
1. far, distant, far away, a long way off, in the distance
2. distant (past), remote (in time), remote, far-removed (in time)
3. distant (relationship or kinship), having little to do (with someone)
4. far (from something else in quality, degree, etc.), not similar, way off
as 耳が遠い
5. hard (of hearing)
遠い, ほど遠い, ほどとおい
Antonym: 程近い
far away, far off
遠い, えんどおい
1. unconnected, weakly related, alien, far beyond (one's means, ability)
2. having little prospect of marriage
遠い, みみどおい
1. hard of hearing
2. unfamiliar
遠い, とおいむかし
Expression, May take 'no'
remote past, far ago, time immemorial
遠い, とおいめ
distant look, faraway look
耳が遠い, 耳がとおい, みみがとおい
Expression, See 耳の遠い
poor hearing
縁が遠い, えんがとおい
Expression, See 縁の遠い
distantly related
縁の遠い, えんのとおい
Expression, See 縁が遠い
distantly related
耳の遠い, 耳のとおい, みみのとおい
Expression, See 耳が遠い
hard of hearing
回り遠い, まわりどおい
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