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通学, つうがく
Takes suru
commuting to school, school commute
通学, つうがくせい
Antonym: 下宿生
day student, commuting student
通学, 通学カバン, つうがくかばん, つうがくカバン
school bag, school satchel
通学, つうがくろ
school route, street for students going to and from school (esp. on foot)
通学, つうがくぼう
hat worn by kindergarten or primary school pupils walking to school
通学定期, つうがくていき
school seasonal (train and bus) ticket
通学, ふつうがっこう
regular school, school that follows the regular curriculum
通学バス, つうがくバス
See スクールバス
school bus
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