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返事, 返辞, へんじ
Takes suru
reply, answer, response
返事, そらへんじ, からへんじ
Takes suru
absentminded response
返事, そくへんじ
prompt reply
返事, 御返事, おへんじ
Takes suru, See 返事・へんじ, Honorific or respectful
reply, answer, response
一つ返事, ひとつへんじ
See 二つ返事, common mistake for 二つ返事
ready reply, quick answer
二つ返事, 二返事, ふたつへんじ
immediate reply, quick answer, ready agreement
返事, なまへんじ
Takes suru
half-hearted reply, vague answer, reluctant answer
返事を延ばす, へんじをのばす
Expression, Godan verb
to delay one's answer
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