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輸送, ゆそう
Takes suru
transport, transportation
輸送, ゆそうき
transport aircraft, transport plane
輸送, ゆそうせん
transport ship, troop ship
輸送, ゆそうりょう
traffic, volume or quantity of goods transported
輸送, ゆそうひ
shipping charges, transportation expenses
輸送, ゆそうりょく
carrying power, transportation (carrying) capacity
輸送, ゆそうしゃ
See 輸送
transport truck, transport vehicle
輸送, ゆそうか
See 輜重兵
Transportation Corps (Service branch of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force)
輸送, ゆそうかん
transport pipe, pipeline, duct
軍事輸送, ぐんじゆそう
military transport
低温輸送, ていおんゆそう
refrigerated transport
電力輸送, でんりょくゆそう
electric power transmission
振替輸送, ふりかえゆそう
transfer (of passengers or freight)
貨物輸送, かもつゆそう
freight traffic (transportation), freightage, shipment
鉄道輸送, てつどうゆそう
rail transport (transportation, transit), transport by rail
道路輸送, どうろゆそう
road transport
輸送機関, ゆそうきかん
(means of) transport
輸送艦艇, ゆそうかんてい
military transport vessel
輸送問題, ゆそうもんだい
Computer terminology
transportation problem
能動輸送, のうどうゆそう
See 受動輸送, Biology term
active transport
受動輸送, じゅどうゆそう
See 能動輸送, Biology term
passive transport
輸送手段, ゆそうしゅだん
means of transportation, means of transport
海上輸送, かいじょうゆそう
marine transport, carriage by sea
航空輸送, こうくうゆそう
air transportation, air transport, transport by air
空中輸送, くうちゅうゆそう
See 航空輸送
air transportation, air transport, transport by air
輸送形態, ゆそうけいたい
form of transport, mode of transport
水上輸送, すいじょうゆそう
water carriage, water transportation
医療輸送, いりょうゆそうき
medical transport (plane)
軍用輸送, ぐんようゆそうき
military transport aircraft, military cargo aircraft
海上輸送, かいじょうゆそうろ
marine transportation routes
長距離輸送, ちょうきょりゆそう
long-distance transportation (transport, haulage)
現金輸送, げんきんゆそうしゃ
armoured car (for transporting valuables), security van
超音速輸送, ちょうおんそくゆそうき
supersonic transport, SST
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