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, 環, わ
1. ring, circle, loop
See フープ
2. hoop
3. wheel
4. circle (e.g. of friends)
, りん
counter for wheels and flowers
, ごりん
See オリンピック
Olympic rings, Olympics
, 指環, ゆびわ
(finger) ring
, しゃりん
(vehicle) wheel
, けいりん, ケイリン
oft. ケイリン for the sport and 競輪 in gambling contexts
keirin, cycle racing event, usu. 2km with a paced start and sprint finish
, , かく, りんかく
1. contour, outline, border, silhouette
2. summary, outline, sketch
3. looks, features, appearance
, うちわ
May take 'no'
1. family circle, one's circle (of friends, co-workers, etc.), one's fellows, in-group
2. private matters, internal affairs
3. conservative (e.g. estimate), moderate
See 外輪・そとわ・4
4. pigeon toe (walking), in-toeing
, よんりんしゃ
automobile, car
, りょうりん
two wheels
, にりんしゃ
two-wheeled vehicle (bicycle, motorcycle, etc.)
, 花環, はなわ
wreath, garland
, さんりん
three wheels
, ぜんりん, まえわ
1. front wheel
Only まえわ
2. saddle fork
切り, わぎり
round slices
, 頸環, 頸, 頚, くびわ
1. (animal) collar
2. necklace, choker
, ねんりん
1. annual tree ring, growth ring
2. experience in life
, はにわ
haniwa, hollow unglazed terracotta figure from the Kofun period
, りんばん
May take 'no'
rotation (e.g. of a duty), taking turns
, たいりん
May take 'no'
, いちりん
1. one flower
2. one wheel
3. full moon
, 尻, こうりん, あとわ, しずわ, しりわ
Only こうりん, Only あとわ
1. rear wheel
Only しずわ, Only しりわ
2. cantle
, くりん
kurin, nine vertically stacked rings on a pagoda finial
, そうりん
two wheels
, だいわ
, にりん
two wheels, two flowers
, はんりん
May take 'no'
semicircle, half-moon
, はなわ
nose ring
, ひょうりん
the moon
, りんこう
Takes suru
taking turns reading, explaining, etc., round-table (discussion)
, りんてん
Takes suru
rotation, revolution
, わな
loop (of thread, string, etc.)
, りんけい
May take 'no'
ring-shaped, circular
, りんか
traffic accident, automobile accident
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