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, , 賂い, まいない
ワイ, まかな.う
bribe, board, supply, finance
, しゅうわい
Takes suru
accepting bribes, corruption, graft
, ぞうわい
Takes suru
bribery, graft
, わいろ, ワイロ
bribe, sweetener, douceur
, まかなう
Godan verb, Transitive
1. to supply (goods, money, etc.), to cover (costs), to pay, to finance, to maintain (e.g. a family)
2. to give board, to provide meals
贈収, ぞうしゅうわい
bribery, corruption
い方, , まかないかた
kitchen manager, chef, cook
, しゅうわいざい
(the crime of) bribery
, ぞうわいざい
crime of bribery
斡旋収, あっせんしゅうわい
influence peddling
事件, しゅうわいじけん
bribery case, bribery scandal, graft case
い料理, まかない料理, まかないりょうり
meals prepared for employees (e.g. of a restaurant), staff meals
, まかない
See 賄う・まかなう・2
boarding, board, meals, catering, cook
受託収, じゅたくしゅうわいざい
(the crime of) bribery
需要を, じゅようをまかなう
Expression, Godan verb
to meet the demand
い付き, まかない付き, まかないつき
with meals, meals inclusive
い婦, まかないふ
female cook
三食い付き, 三食まかない付き, さんしょくまかないつき
Expression, May take 'no'
with three meals served
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