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, 渓, 谿, たに
, たにがわ
mountain stream
, あい, たにま, たにあい
1. valley, ravine, chasm, dell
2. cleavage (breasts)
3. slum
, 谿, 溪, けいこく
valley (with a river running through it), gorge, ravine, canyon
, たにそこ, たにぞこ
valley floor, bottom of a gorge, bottom of a ravine
, きょうこく
gorge, ravine, canyon, glen
, くうこく
lonely or uninhabited valley
, たにかぜ
valley wind
, たにぶところ
valley in a deep mountain
, たにまち
Sumo term, Usually in kana
sponsors of rikishi or their stables
, けんこく
See カール
cirque, corrie, cwm
, たにへん
kanji "valley" radical at left
, おうこく
See 鶯遷・おうせん・1, Obscure term
1. warbler being in a valley
2. valley in which warblers live
See 鶯遷・おうせん・2
3. remaining obscure and unsuccessful
海底, かいていこく, かいていだに
submarine valley, submarine canyon
垣派, たにがきは
Tanigaki Faction (of the LDP)
空木, たにうつぎ, タニウツギ
Usually in kana
Weigela hortensis (species of deciduous shrub in the honeysuckle family)
, おおたには
See 浄土真宗
Otani sect (of Shin Buddhism)
地鼠, 野地鼠, やちねずみ, ヤチネズミ
Usually in kana
1. Japanese red-backed vole (Myodes andersoni)
2. red-backed vole (any rodent of genus Myodes)
, 大渡り, おおたにわたり, オオタニワタリ
Usually in kana
Asplenium antiquum (species of spleenwort)
, 小渡り, こたにわたり, コタニワタリ
Usually in kana
hart's-tongue fern (Asplenium scolopendrium)
, ひめややき
Himeya ware, Himeya porcelain
断層, だんそうこく
fault valley
, おおやいし
Oya tuff stone
, きょうこくふう
ravine wind, canyon wind, gorge wind
, やまたにかぜ
mountain-valley winds, mountain and valley breeze
氷河, たにひょうが
valley glacier
, やち
marsh land, swamp
深山幽, しんざんゆうこく
deep mountain valleys
千尋の, 千仭の, せんじんのたに
bottomless ravine, abyss
地ダモ, 地だも, 地梻, やちダモ, やちだも, ヤチダモ
Usually in kana
Manchurian ash (Fraxinus mandshurica var. japonica)
胸の, むねのたにま
cleavage (between breasts)
万尋の, 万仞の, ばんじんのたに
bottomless ravine, abyss
底平野, こくていへいや
valley plain
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