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警告, けいこく
Takes suru, May take 'no'
warning, advice
警告, けいこくおん
warning sound
警告, むけいこく
without warning or notice
警告, けいこくしょく
See 警戒色, Obscure term
aposematic coloration (colouration)
警告, けいこくじょう
warning letter (e.g. of infringement), written warning
警告射撃, けいこくしゃげき
warning shot
事前警告, じぜんけいこく
advance warning, trigger warning
警告試合, けいこくじあい
Baseball term
match where the umpire disqualifies the coach and one player after the player has done something dangerous (such as hit by pitch; to prevent retaliation by the opposing team)
ミランダ警告, ミランダけいこく
Miranda warning
警告メッセージ, けいこくメッセージ
warning message
警告ダイアログ, けいこくダイアログ
Computer terminology
alert dialog (dialogue), alert dialog box, warning dialog, warning dialog box
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