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, こう
Noun, used as a suffix
1. (Buddhist) lecture meeting
2. religious association
3. mutual assistance association (i.e. for financial assistance)
, こうえん
Takes suru
lecture, address, speech
, こうし
, こうざ
1. course (e.g. of lectures)
2. academic university unit (professor, lecturers, etc.)
, こうぎ
Takes suru
演会, こうえんかい
lecture (esp. special engagement by noted speaker), lecture meeting (event with one or more lectures)
じる, こうじる
Ichidan verb, Transitive, See 講ずる・1
1. to take measures, to work out a plan
See 講ずる・2
2. to lecture, to read aloud
See 講ずる・3
3. to confer
, じゅこう
Takes suru
taking a lecture, attending a class, taking a course
, こうどう
auditorium, lecture hall
, こうしゅう
Takes suru
short course, training
ずる, こうずる
Ichidan verb, Transitive, See 講じる・1
1. to take measures, to work out a plan
See 講じる・2
2. to lecture, to read aloud
See 講じる・3
3. to confer
, こうだん
storytelling (of war chronicles, revenge tales, etc.) with highly dramatic delivery, story
, かいこう
Takes suru, See 閉講
1. start of a course, start of lectures
2. opening of a new course, offering a course (for the first time)
, ちょうこう
Takes suru
lecture attendance, auditing
, 媾和, こうわ
Takes suru
reconciliation (between warring nations), (making of) peace
, こうひょう
Takes suru
criticism (by a teacher or coach, with commentary, especially at a poetry reading), review, critique
, こうわ
Takes suru
lecture, discourse
, きゅうこう
Takes suru
cancellation (of a lecture, class, etc.)
, しんこう
Takes suru
giving a lecture in the Emperor's presence, lecturing to the Emperor
, こうだん
lecture platform
, しゅっこう
Takes suru
giving lectures
, りんこう
Takes suru
taking turns reading, explaining, etc., round-table (discussion)
, ねずみ, ねずみこう
pyramid scheme
, けっこう
Takes suru
cancellation of lecture or class
, こうじゅう
religious association
, こうしゃ
religious association
, こうしょ
Takes suru
interpretation of a book
, こうせつ, こうぜつ, こうぜち
Takes suru
explanation (by lecture)
, こうぶ
military training
, こうじゅつ
See 講義
university lecture
, こうえ
See 講・1, Buddhist term
(Buddhist) lecture meeting
, こうかい
See 講・3
meeting (esp. of a mutual financing association)
, こうえん
lecture room, lecture
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