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詰め, 詰, つめ, づめ
Suffix, づめ when a suffix
1. stuffing, packing
2. end (esp. the foot of a bridge)
3. lowest-ranking guest at tea ceremony
4. tea master
5. endgame (esp. in shogi or used figuratively)
詰め, つめる
Ichidan verb, Transitive
1. to stuff into, to jam, to cram, to pack, to fill, to plug, to stop up
2. to shorten, to move closer together
3. to reduce (spending), to conserve
See 根を詰める, usu. as 根を詰める
4. to focus intently on, to strain oneself to do
5. to go through thoroughly, to work out (details), to bring to a conclusion, to wind up
詰め, 大詰, おおづめ
final scene, the end, finale
追い詰め, 追いつめる, おいつめる
Ichidan verb, Transitive
to corner, to drive to the wall, to run down, to track down, to chase after
切り詰め, 切りつめる, 切詰め, きりつめる
Ichidan verb, Transitive
1. to shorten, to cut short, to trim
2. to cut down on, to reduce, to economize, to economise
詰め込む, つめ込む, 詰込む, つめこむ
Godan verb, Transitive
to cram, to stuff, to jam, to squeeze, to compress, to pack, to crowd
詰め, じづめ
number of characters per line, page, etc.
詰め寄る, 詰めよる, 詰寄る, つめよる
Godan verb, Intransitive
1. to draw near, to draw closer
2. to press (e.g. for an answer), to hound
詰め掛ける, 詰掛ける, 詰めかける, つめかける
Ichidan verb, Intransitive
to crowd (a house), to throng to (a door)
詰め, 煮つめる, につめる
Ichidan verb, Transitive
1. to boil down, to concentrate (soup, milk, stock, etc.)
2. to reach a conclusion, to conclude a discussion
敷き詰め, 敷きつめる, 敷詰め, しきつめる
Ichidan verb, Transitive
to cover a surface, to spread all over, to blanket, to lay
詰め, はこづめ
May take 'no'
packed in a box (e.g. chocolates)
詰む, つむ
Conjugated: 詰め
Godan verb, Intransitive
1. to become fine (of fabric)
Shogi term
2. to be checkmated
3. to be hard pressed, to be at a loss, to reach the limits
詰め, 瓶詰, 壜詰め, 壜詰, びんづめ
May take 'no', Takes suru
bottling, bottled
突き詰め, 突きつめる, 突詰め, つきつめる
Ichidan verb, Transitive
1. to investigate thoroughly, to examine closely, to probe into, to get to the bottom of
2. to be obsessed with a thought, to brood over, to worry about
詰め, 右づめ, みぎづめ
May take 'no'
right justification, aligning to the right
詰め, 左づめ, ひだりづめ
May take 'no'
left justification, aligning to the left
詰め, よづめ
night watch
詰め, てづめ
pressing, urging
詰め, ひざ詰め, 膝づめ, 膝詰, ひざづめ
May take 'no'
(sitting) knee-to-knee, face-to-face
詰め, 立ち詰め, 立ちづめ, たちづめ
standing (for a long period of time), continuing to stand
詰め, ゆびつめ
See 指を詰める・2
1. getting one's finger caught (e.g. in a door), getting one's finger pinched, jamming one's finger in a door
2. yakuza finger-cutting ritual
詰め, 御詰, お詰, 御詰め, おつめ
1. lowest-ranking guest at tea ceremony
2. tea master
詰め, 詰袖, つめそで
See 八つ口
kimono with completely attached sleeves (i.e. lacking an opening on the side under the armpit)
詰め, 荷づめ, にづめ
Takes suru
詰め, ふくろづめ
Takes suru
packing something in a bag, bagging
詰め, 理詰, りづめ
May take 'no'
reasoning, logic, persuasion
思い詰め, 思いつめる, おもいつめる
Ichidan verb, Transitive
to think hard, to brood over, to worry too much (about), to torment oneself (with the thought of)
石子詰め, いしこづめ
burying alive beneath stones
引っ詰め, ひっつめ
hair pulled tightly back in a bun
さしずめ, 差し詰め, 差詰め, さしづめ
Adverb, Usually in kana
1. after all, in the end, when all's said and done
2. for the time being, at present
雪隠詰め, 雪隠詰, せっちんづめ
1. cornering someone
orig. meaning
2. cornering an opponent's king (shogi)
本省詰め, ほんしょうづめ
See 詰め・つめ・8
service at the head office, work at the home office
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