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, , ちゅう
Takes suru
annotation, explanatory note, comment
notes, comment, annotate
注文, , ちゅうもん
Takes suru
1. order (for an item)
2. request, demand, condition
注文, , ちゅうぶん
Obscure term
annotation, explanatory note
受注, 受, じゅちゅう
Takes suru, See 発注
accepting an order, receiving an order, orders received
発注, 発, はっちゅう
Takes suru, May take 'no', See 受注
ordering (materials), placing an order, order
, ひょうちゅう
annotation, commentary
, ひょうちゅう
marginal notations
脚注, 脚, きゃくちゅう
付注, 附, 附注, 付, ふちゅう
annotation, comment
原注, 原, げんちゅう
the original notes
古注, 古, こちゅう
commentaries of the ancients
傍注, 旁, 傍, ぼうちゅう
marginal notes, side notes, gloss
注疏, , , 注疎, ちゅうそ
(detailed) commentary, notes, comments
集注, 集, しゅうちゅう, しっちゅう
Takes suru
校注, 校, こうちゅう
collation editing, proofreading and annotation
詳注, 詳, しょうちゅう
detailed commentary, copious notes
疏注, 疏, そちゅう
See 注釈
notes, comment, remark, annotation
細注, 細, さいちゅう
Takes suru
1. detailed annotation, full annotation
2. annotation in small type
注釈者, 釈者, ちゅうしゃくしゃ
annotator, commentator
注記, , ちゅうき
Takes suru
annotation, commentary, explanatory note
注解, , ちゅうかい
Takes suru
gloss, explanatory notes, annotation
注釈, , ちゅうしゃく
Takes suru
notes, comment, remark, annotation
頭注, 頭, とうちゅう
補注, 補, ほちゅう
supplementary note
自注, 自, じちゅう
self-annotation of one's writings
注する, する, ちゅうする
Transitive, Archaism
1. to annotate
2. to write down
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