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, , 蓐, しとね, じょく
cushion, pillow, mattress
ジョク, しとね
cushion, mattress, bedding
, じょく婦, じょくふ
puerpera, woman who has recently given birth
, 産じょく, さんじょく
1. confinement (for childbirth), bed used by a woman in childbirth
See 産褥期
2. postpartum period, postnatal period
, 蓐傷, じょくしょう
See 褥瘡
, 蓐草, じょくそう
Obscure term
straw or hay (laid out in barns for livestock)
, いんじょく
pad placed under sheet before using a seal (to make imprint clearer)
, さんじょくねつ
puerperal fever
, 産じょく期, さんじょくき
postpartum period, postnatal period, puerperal period, puerperium
, 産じょく婦, さんじょくふ
See 褥婦
woman who has recently given birth
, 蓐瘡, じょくそう
Medicine term
病蓐, 病, びょうじょく
See 病床, Obscure term
鞍敷, 鞍, 鞍敷き, くらしき, あんじょく
saddlecloth, numnah
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