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補助, ほじょ
Takes suru, May take 'no'
1. assistance, support, aid, help
2. subsidy, supplement, subvention, grant-in-aid
3. auxiliary, subsidiary
4. spot (in bodybuilding)
補助, ほじょきん
assistance payment, subsidiary aid
補助, ほじょよく
補助, ほじょいん
assistant, helper
補助, ほじょせん
additional line
補助, ほじょにん
limited guardian
補助, ほじょりん
training wheels, stabilizers
補助, ほじょご
See 補助用言, Obscure term
auxiliary inflecting word (in Japanese)
補助, ほじょてき
ancillary, auxiliary
補助, ほじょけん
voucher, coupon
補助, ほじょけん
See 身体障害者補助犬, Abbreviation
assistance dog, helper dog
補助漢字, ほじょかんじ
Computer terminology
supplementary kanji, 5,801 kanji coded in JIS X 0212 to supplement those in JIS X 0208
補助艦艇, ほじょかんてい
auxiliary vessel
補助動詞, ほじょどうし
Linguistics terminology
subsidiary verb (in Japanese), auxiliary verb
補助, ひほじょにん
person subject to a limited guardianship
補助参加, ほじょさんか
auxiliary intervention (in a lawsuit)
国庫補助, こっこほじょ
government subsidy, state aid, state assistance
補助定理, ほじょていり
See レンマ
補助単位, ほじょたんい
Obsolete term
1. prefixed unit of measurement (i.e. millimeter, kilogram, etc.)
See 組立単位
2. supplementary SI unit (radian and steradian)
補助椅子, 補助いす, ほじょいす
auxiliary seat, booster seat, baby seat
補助記憶, ほじょきおく
Computer terminology
external storage, auxiliary storage
補助装置, ほじょそうち
Computer terminology
auxiliary device, auxiliary equipment
補助用言, ほじょようげん
Linguistics terminology
auxiliary inflecting word, in Japanese, auxiliary verbs and adjectives
補助元帳, ほじょもとちょう
subsidiary ledger
補助機関, ほじょきかん
auxiliary engine
補助記号, ほじょきごう
supplementary symbol (number, punctuation, etc.)
補助符号, ほじょふごう
supplementary symbol (number, punctuation, etc.)
補助貨幣, ほじょかへい
subsidiary coin, subsidiary money
補助言語, ほじょげんご
auxiliary language
補助活用, ほじょかつよう
See カリ活用
classical form of i-adjective inflection formed by contraction of the "ku" adverbial form with the classical verb "ari" ("aru")
補助参加人, ほじょさんかにん
auxiliary intervenor (in a lawsuit)
医療補助, いりょうほじょしゃ
輸出補助, ゆしゅつほじょきん
export subsidy
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