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頸木, 軛, , くびき
Usually in kana
1. yoke
2. constraints, oppression
equilibrium, measuring rod, scale
選考, 銓, 詮, せんこう
Takes suru
selection, screening
不均, ふきんこう
imbalance, lack of balance, lopsidedness, disproportion, inequality, disparity
, きんこう
Takes suru
equilibrium, balance
拡大均, かくだいきんこう
an expanded or expanding equilibrium
, へいこう
Takes suru
even scale, equilibrium, balance, equalization, equalisation
合従連, がっしょうれんこう
See 合従, See 連衡, yojijukugo
1. alliance (of the Six Kingdoms against the Qin dynasty, and of individual Kingdoms with the Qin dynasty)
2. (tactic of) making and breaking alliances (to benefit oneself as the occasion demands), resorting to alliances as a diplomatic expedient
, こうき
scale, balance, weighing machine
, けんこう
, れんこう
Takes suru, See 合従, See 秦, See 六国・1
alliance (esp. originally of individual member states of the Six Kingdoms with the Qin dynasty)
, さいこう
Saikō era (854.11.30-857.2.21)
, きんこう
See トロイ衡, Obscure term
troy weight (e.g. troy ounce, troy pound)
, じょうこう
avoirdupois system
, へいこうすい
counterweight, counterpoise
平法, こうへいほう
Law term
, へいこうぜい
Finance term
equalization tax (interest, commercial values, etc.)
感覚, へいこうかんかく
sense of equilibrium, sense of balance
予算, きんこうよさん
balanced budget
価格, きんこうかかく
equilibrium price
経済, きんこうけいざい
balanced economy
化学平, かがくへいこう
chemical equilibrium
派閥均, はばつきんこう
balance of power among factions (within a political party), factional balance
勢力均, せいりょくきんこう
balance of power
トロイ, トロイこう
See 金衡, Obscure term
troy weight (e.g. troy ounce, troy pound)
部分均, ぶぶんきんこう
partial equilibrium
市場均, しじょうきんこう
market equilibrium
負荷平, ふかへいこう
Computer terminology
load balancing
誤差, へいこうごさ
Computer terminology
balanced error
国内均, こくないきんこう
domestic equilibrium, internal balance, internal equilibrium
定数, へいこうていすう
equilibrium constant
地殻均, ちかくきんこう
See アイソスタシー, Geology term
接続, へいこうせつぞく
in telecommunications/audio
balanced line
, こうへい
balance, equity
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