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花嫁, はなよめ
See 花婿・はなむこ
花嫁姿, はなよめすがた
image of a bride dressed in her wedding gown (wedding kimono, etc.)
花嫁御寮, はなよめごりょう
Honorific or respectful
花嫁衣裳, 花嫁衣装, はなよめいしょう
bridal costume, wedding dress
花嫁学校, はなよめがっこう
school for training bachelor girls in homemaking arts, (a type of) finishing school
写真花嫁, しゃしんはなよめ
picture bride
花嫁介添人, はなよめかいぞえにん
花嫁修業, はなよめしゅうぎょう
training for homemaking, training in homemaking arts, domestic training
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