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隣の花は赤い, となりのはなはあかい
Expression, Proverb
the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, the neighbour's flowers are redder
人の花は赤い, ひとのはなはあかい
Expression, Proverb
the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, other people's flowers are redder
柳は緑花は, 柳は緑、花は, やなぎはみどりはなはくれない
Expression, Idiomatic expression, from a quote by Su Shi
1. natural state, being unspoilt by human touch, willows are green, flowers are crimson
2. spring is beautiful
3. things are different by nature, all things have their characteristics
花は桜木、人は武士, 花は桜木人は武士, はなはさくらぎひとはぶし
Expression, Proverb
the best flowers are the cherry blossoms, the best individuals are the samurai, as the cherry blossom is first among flowers, so is the warrior first among men
親の意見と茄子の花は千に一つも無駄はない, おやのいけんとなすびのはなはせんにひとつもむだはない
Expression, Proverb
always listen to your parents, always value your parents' advice, not even one in a thousand of a parents' opinion or an eggplant flower are in vain
花恥ずかしい, 花はずかしい, はなはずかしい
beauty such as to put a flower to shame
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