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, ちょう, はらわた, わた
guts, bowels, intestines
, だいちょう, おおわた
May take 'no'
large intestine, large bowel, colon
, いちょう
stomach and intestines, gastrointestinal tract, digestive organs
, ちょくちょう
May take 'no', Anatomical term
, だいちょうきん
1. Escherichia coli (E. coli)
2. colon bacterium
, もうちょう
May take 'no', Anatomical term
1. cecum, caecum, blind gut
See 虫垂, Colloquialism
2. (vermiform) appendix
See 虫垂炎・ちゅうすいえん, See 盲腸炎・もうちょうえん・1
3. appendicitis
, けっちょう
May take 'no', Anatomical term
, だんちょう
See 断腸の思い
heartbreak, grief, sorrow
, かいちょう
May take 'no'
, 鼓脹, こちょう
May take 'no'
flatulence, meteorism, tympanites, bloat, bloating
, だっちょう
May take 'no', See ヘルニア
abdominal hernia
, ようちょう
'taru' adjective, Adverb taking the 'to' particle
1. winding, zigzag, meandering
orig. meaning
2. sheep intestines
, ちょうせん
catgut, sheepgut
, ちょうへき
intestinal wall
, ちょうかん
May take 'no'
digestive tract
, ちょうない
May take 'no'
intestinal, inside the intestines
, ちょうこつ
ilium (part of pelvis)
, ちょうせん
intestinal gland
, げんちょう
, 黄鯝魚, わたか, ワタカ
Usually in kana, 黄鯝魚 is gikun
wataka (Ischikauia steenackeri) (freshwater fish of the carp family)
, ちょうせき
See 糞石・1
enterolith, intestinal calculus
, くそわた
See 糞袋・1
stomach, intestines
, ちょうふん
Food term, Cantonese dish
rice noodle roll, steamed rice roll, cheung fan
捻転, ちょうねんてん
volvulus, twisted loop in intestine
閉塞, ちょうへいそく
intestinal obstruction
, もうちょうえん
See 虫垂炎, Colloquialism
1. appendicitis
Medicine term
2. typhlitis, cecitis
結核, ちょうけっかく
intestinal tuberculosis
, いちょうやく
digestive medicine, medicine for the stomach and bowels
, しょうちょう
small intestine
, いちょうえん
, だいちょうえん
Medicine term
, 直がん, 直ガン, ちょくちょうがん, ちょくちょうガン
rectal cancer
海鼠, このわた
See 海鼠・こ
salted entrails of a sea cucumber, salted entrails of a trepang
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