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, こえ
manure, night soil, dung, fertiliser, fertilizer
太る, , ふとる
Godan verb, Intransitive
to put on weight, to gain weight, to grow fat, to get stout
, ひまん
Takes suru, May take 'no'
corpulence, fatness, obesity
, ひりょう
manure, fertilizer, fertiliser, compost
, ひだい
Takes suru
1. swelling, enlargement, becoming fat
Medicine term
2. hypertrophy
化学, かがくひりょう
chemical fertilizer, chemical fertiliser
, ひご
Higo (former province located in present-day Kumamoto Prefecture)
える, こえる
Ichidan verb, Intransitive
1. to grow fat, to gain weight, to put on weight
of soil
2. to grow fertile
See 目が肥える
3. to be refined (palate), to be discerning (eye, ear)
4. to become rich, to become successful
, よく, ひよく
fertile, rich, productive
前立腺大症, ぜんりつせんひだいしょう
enlargement of the prostate
, たい, たいひ
compost, manure
やす, , こやす
Godan verb, Transitive
to fertilize, to fertilise, to manure, to enrich
, 廐, 廏, きゅうひ, うまやごえ
, ひいく
Takes suru
, きんぴ, かねごえ
chemical fertilizer, chemical fertiliser
, ほひ
supplementary or additional fertilizer (fertiliser)
, かんごえ
winter manure
, すいひ
liquid manure
, ぎょひ
fertilizer made from fish parts (fertiliser)
, くさごえ
, ひば
fat horse
, え土, こえつち
rich soil
, え桶, こえおけ
See 糞尿
night-soil bucket, honey bucket
, ぞうひ
mixed fertilizer, e.g. made from compost and burned soil
, こえつぼ
chamber pot, jerry
, ひはん
See 肥満, Medicine term
, リン, りんぴ, リンぴ
See 燐酸肥料, Abbreviation
phosphate fertilizer, phosphate fertiliser
, ひしゅう
Hishū (the two former provinces of Hizen and Higo)
, にひ
Nihi (the two former provinces of Hizen and Higo)
, ついひ
(adding) extra fertilizer or manure (fertiliser)
, もとごえ
first fertilizing, first fertilising
汲み, こえくみ
carrying night soil
溜め, , だめ, え溜め, えだめ, え溜, こえだめ
tank for holding excreta (often used for fertilizer) (fertiliser), night soil vat or reservoir, cesspool
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