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, 篇, へん
Noun, used as a suffix
1. compilation (of a text), editing
2. volume (of a text)
3. completed literary work
, , , へんしゅう
Takes suru
editing, compilation
, へんせい
Takes suru
composition, formation, organization, organisation, compilation
, さいへん
Takes suru
reorganization, reorganisation, reshuffle
集者, へんしゅうしゃ
editor (in publishing, etc.)
, あむ
Godan verb, Transitive
1. to knit, to plait, to braid
2. to compile (anthology, dictionary, etc.), to edit
, へんにゅう
Takes suru
admission, incorporation, enlistment, enrollment
み物, , あみもの
May take 'no'
knitting, knitted material, crochet
, 短篇, たんぺん
short (e.g. story, film)
, かいへん
Takes suru
reorganization, reorganisation
, 長篇, ちょうへん
May take 'no'
long (e.g. novel, film)
, 続篇, ぞくへん
continuation, sequel
, へんきょく
1. arrangement
Takes suru
2. to arrange, to orchestrate
, へんしゃ, へんじゃ
editor, compiler
, へんちょ
み出す, あみ出す, あみだす
Godan verb, Transitive
to work out, to think out, to devise, to invent
, さん, へんさん
Takes suru, See 編集
compilation (esp. dictionary, history, law code), editing
, 全篇, ぜんぺん
whole book (volume), complete episode
, へんたい
formation (e.g. of aircraft)
, へんせい
Takes suru
organization, organisation, forming
, 掌篇, 小, 小篇, しょうへん
(very) short story or article, short short story, conté
, いへん
leather cord
, へんせい
Takes suru
establishing (a new family register), compiling (an electoral register, a list of school-age children, etc.)
, へんしょう
See 鐘
bianzhong (ancient Chinese musical instrument; bronze bells set in a wooden frame, played with a mallet)
, 拍板, びんざさら
percussion instrument made of small pieces wood strung together
, たわらあみ
Obscure term
making bags out of this year's straw (during autumn)
, 篇章, へんしょう
1. volumes and chapters
2. composition, writing
, 新篇, しんぺん
1. new edition, new compilation
Only 新編, Takes suru
2. new formation (of a force, unit, etc.), new organization
, 上篇, じょうへん
See 中編・1, See 下編
first volume
, 下篇, げへん
See 上編, See 中編・1, See 下・げ・2
second volume (of two), third volume (of three)
, へんねん
, み地, あみじ
knitted fabric, crocheted fabric
, ふくへん
See 副編集長, Abbreviation
associate editor, deputy editor
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