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緊急, きんきゅう
May take 'no', NA-adjective
urgency, emergency
緊急, きんきゅうじ
(time of) emergency, (in) event of emergency, (in) case of emergency
緊急, きんきゅうど
(degree of) urgency
緊急着陸, きんきゅうちゃくりく
emergency landing
緊急事態, きんきゅうじたい
state of emergency, emergency, crisis
緊急動議, きんきゅうどうぎ
urgent motion
緊急避難, きんきゅうひなん
emergency evacuation
緊急措置, きんきゅうそち
Takes suru
emergency measures, urgent countermeasures
緊急対策, きんきゅうたいさく
Takes suru
emergency measures, urgent countermeasures
緊急逮捕, きんきゅうたいほ
arrest without warrant
緊急発進, きんきゅうはっしん
scrambling, scramble
牙関緊急, がかんきんきゅう
trismus, lockjaw
緊急通報, きんきゅうつうほう
emergency call
緊急浮上, きんきゅうふじょう
emergency ascent (submarine), emergency surfacing
緊急部隊, きんきゅうぶたい
rapid force
緊急電話, きんきゅうでんわ
urgent phone call, emergency phone call
緊急集会, きんきゅうしゅうかい
emergency meeting of the upper house of the Diet (in response to dissolution of the lower house)
緊急用事, きんきゅうようじ
emergency tasks, urgent tasks
緊急車両, きんきゅうしゃりょう
emergency vehicle
緊急停止, きんきゅうていし
Takes suru
emergency stop, emergency shutdown, scram (nuclear reactor)
緊急配備, きんきゅうはいび
emergency deployment (police, etc.), emergency posting
緊急会議, きんきゅうかいぎ
emergency meeting, urgent meeting, emergency session, emergency conference
緊急避妊, きんきゅうひにん
emergency contraception
緊急援助, きんきゅうえんじょ
emergency aid (e.g. disaster relief), humanitarian aid
緊急警報, きんきゅうけいほう
emergency alert, critical alert, emergency warning
緊急手術, きんきゅうしゅじゅつ
emergency surgery
緊急速報, きんきゅうそくほう
emergency early warning (cellphone, email, etc.), emergency alert
緊急救命室, きんきゅうきゅうめいしつ
emergency room, ER, casualty department
緊急シート, きんきゅうシート
emergency blanket
緊急避妊薬, きんきゅうひにんやく
emergency contraceptive
緊急自動車, きんきゅうじどうしゃ
See 緊急車両
emergency vehicle
緊急交通路, きんきゅうこうつうろ
road for emergency vehicles, road that may be closed to non-emergency vehicles, emergency road (official translation)
緊急浮上訓練, きんきゅうふじょうくんれん
emergency surfacing drill (submarine)
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