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, 文, あや
Usually in kana
1. figure, design
Only 綾
2. twill weave, pattern of diagonal stripes
3. style (of writing), figure (of speech)
4. design, plot, plan
5. minor market fluctuation, technical correction
, あやにしき
twill damask and brocade
, あやいと
colored thread, coloured thread, thread of cat's cradle, heddle thread
, あやぬの
twill damask and brocade
, あやぎぬ
twilled silk fabric
, りょうら
elaborated cloth, figured silk and thin silk
, かめあや
See 羽二重
1. high-quality glossy white habutai silk
2. raw silk twill fabric with fine diamond pattern
, 透き, すきや, すきあや
thin silk material
, あやだけ
lease rod (in a loom)
織り, , あや織り, あやおり
twill (fabric)
取り, あや取り, , あやとり
Usually in kana
cat's cradle
織物, あやおりもの
figured cloth, twill fabric
杉状, あやすぎじょう
zigzag, dogtooth pattern
藺笠, あやいがさ
See 笠・1
type of traditional Japanese conical hat
戻し, あや戻し, アヤ戻し, あやもどし, アヤもどし
Finance term
technical rally, retracement
, さや型, さやがた
sayagata (pattern of interlocking swastikas)
をなして, を成して, あやをなして
in beautiful patterns
綺殿, りょうきでん
See 十七殿
pavilion housing the emperor's bathing quarters and dressing chamber (in Heian Palace)
綸子, , りんず
figured satin
目もあや, 目も, めもあや
Expression, NA-adjective
dazzlingly beautiful, brilliant
彩なす, なす, 操す, あやなす
Only 彩なす, Only 綾なす, Godan verb, Transitive
1. to decorate with many bright colours (colors), to create a beautiful variegated pattern
2. to manipulate skillfully
言葉のあや, 言葉の, ことばのあや
figure of speech
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