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ノウ, ナッ, ナ, ナン, トウ, おさ.める, -おさ.める, おさ.まる
settlement, obtain, reap, pay, supply, store
, なっとく
Takes suru
1. consent, assent, agreement
2. understanding, comprehension, grasp
, のうぜい
Takes suru
payment of taxes
, のうにゅう
Takes suru
1. payment (taxes, fees, etc.)
2. supply (of goods), delivery
, なっとう
natto (fermented soybeans)
, しゅうのう
Takes suru
1. storage, putting or stowing away
2. receipt (of funds, payment, etc.)
3. harvesting
, のうふ
Takes suru
payment, supply
, 怠, たいのう
Takes suru
falling behind (with a payment), being in arrears, non-payment, default, delinquency
, なや
shed, barn, outhouse
, のうきん
Takes suru
, ほうのう
Takes suru, May take 'no'
dedication, offering, presentation, oblation
, のうき
appointed day of delivery, time for payment
, かくのう
Takes suru
1. storage, housing for equipment and machines
Computer terminology
2. putting into computer memory
, ぶつのう
Takes suru
payment in kind
, すいとう
Takes suru
receipts and expenditure (disbursements)
, ゆいのう
engagement gift, (ceremonial) exchange of engagement gifts
, のうこつ
Takes suru
placing (a person's) ashes inside a funerary urn (or a tomb or ossuary), depositing ashes
, のうひん
Takes suru
delivery of goods
, のうさい
betrothal gift
, じょうのう
Takes suru
payment to the government
, へんのう
Takes suru
returning (to the authorities), restoring
, かのう
Takes suru
accepting with pleasure
, かのう
Takes suru
, ぜんのう
Takes suru
full payment
, だいのう
Takes suru
1. payment for another, payment by proxy
2. paying in kind, paying with a substitute
, よのう
Takes suru
advance payment
, じゅのう
Takes suru
acceptance, receiving
, のうじゅ
Takes suru
acceptance, reception
, きんのう
Takes suru
cash payment
, かいのう
Takes suru
full payment of a tax
, ついのう
Takes suru
(making an) additional payment
, のうさつ
Takes suru
votive tablet donated to a shrine or temple
, のうはい
last cup (at a banquet)
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