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, 函, 匣, 筥, 筐, 凾, はこ, ハコ
1. box, case, chest, package, pack, crate
2. car (of a train, etc.)
3. shamisen case, shamisen
See 箱物・1, Colloquialism, often written as ハコ
4. public building, community building
See 箱屋・2, Archaism
5. man who carries a geisha's shamisen
ゴミ, ごみ, 護美, 塵, 芥, ゴミばこ, ごみばこ
garbage can, rubbish bin, trash can, dustbin
私書, ししょばこ
See 郵便私書箱, Abbreviation
post office box
投票, とうひょうばこ
ballot box
ドル, 弗, ドルばこ
1. source of funds, gold mine, patron, milch cow
2. cash box, safe
, ほんばこ
, すばこ
1. birdhouse, nest box, bird box
See 養蜂箱
2. beehive
詰め, はこづめ
May take 'no'
packed in a box (e.g. chocolates)
, じゅうばこ
jūbako, multi-tiered food box
, うわばこ
outer box, outer casing
, ぜにばこ
cash box
, たからばこ
treasure chest, strongbox
, きばこ
wooden box, wooden crate
, 印匣, いんばこ, いんこう
seal (stamp) box
, 文筥, ふばこ, ふみばこ
1. box for letters and papers
2. box used to carry or deliver letters
, はしばこ
chopstick case
, はこや
1. box maker
2. man who carries a geisha's shamisen
はこやなぎ, , 白楊, はくよう, ハコヤナギ
See 山鳴, Usually in kana
Japanese aspen (Populus tremula var. sieboldii)
, はこし
train or bus thief
, 小筥, 小匣, こばこ
small box, casket
, じくばこ
axle box
, あわばこ
bubble chamber
, 通い, 通函, かよいばこ
reusable shipping carton
, くつ, 靴ばこ, くつばこ
shoe box, shoe shelf
, エサ, えさばこ, エサばこ
(animal) feed tray, feed trough, feed box, feed bowl, bait box (e.g. for fishing)
, きりばこ
cloud chamber
, ひとはこ, いっぱこ
a (one) box
, 紙函, かみばこ
paper box, paper carton
, おおばこ
large box, chest
, 櫛匣, くしばこ
See 櫛笥
comb box, toiletries case
, しょそう
Obscure term
, すずりばこ
inkstone case
, , はこがた
May take 'no'
box, box-shape, cube-type
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