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, ふ
1. charm, talisman, amulet
2. tally
3. sign, mark, note
Counter, Mahjong term
4. fu, unit used in calculation of a hand's score
, きっぷ
おか, 丘, 岡, 壟, 陸
Only 丘, Only 岡, Only 壟
1. hill, height, knoll, rising ground
Only 陸符, Mahjong term, Usually in kana
2. bonus points awarded to the winner at the end of a game
六十四分音, ろくじゅうしぶおんぷ
Music term
64th note, hemidemisemiquaver, semidemisemiquaver
終止, しゅうしふ
1. full stop, period
See 終止符を打つ
2. end
八分音, はちぶおんぷ
Music term
8th note, eighth note, quaver
, ふごう
Takes suru
agreement, coincidence, correspondence, conformity
疑問, ぎもんふ
Linguistics terminology
question mark
往復切, おうふくきっぷ
round-trip ticket, return ticket
, おんぷ
1. musical note, note symbol
2. phonetic symbol (incl. the kanji and kana-doubling symbols, vowel-lengthening symbol, etc.)
See 意符
3. part of a kanji for which the role is primarily to represent the pronunciation (as opposed to the meaning)
, 割り, わりふ, わっぷ
tally, check, piece of wood or paper split in half and given to each party as a form of proof (e.g. of a transaction)
, しんぷ
amulet, a charm
, じゅふ
amulet, charm
, まんぷ
signs, symbols and characters used in manga to represent actions, emotions, etc.
, れいふ
charm, amulet, talisman
, ふじゅ
, いふ
See 音符・3
part of a kanji for which the role is primarily to represent the meaning (as opposed to the pronunciation)
, じふ
See 印璽, See 御璽
imperial seal
, ぷうばい
Takes suru, Slang, Obscure term
reselling train tickets on the black market
, しょうふ
See 声点
tone mark, mark placed in one of the four corners of a Chinese character to indicate the tone
, せいふ
See 視符
1. verbal command (in dog training)
See 形声文字・けいせいもじ
2. sound part of a semasio-phonetic kanji
, しふ
See 声符・せいふ・1
hand signal, visual signal (in dog training)
, れんぷ
See 連音符, Music term
tuplet (e.g. triplet)
, ふろく
fulu, protective talisman used historically by Taoist pilgrims in China
, ふごう
1. sign, mark, symbol, code
Mathematics term
2. sign (e.g. positive, negative)
引用, いんようふ
quotation marks, quote marks
感嘆, 感歎, かんたんふ
Linguistics terminology
exclamation point, exclamation mark
, せいふごう
plus sign
全音, ぜんおんぷ
Music term
whole note, semibreve
停音, ていおんぷ
Music term, Obscure term
半切, はんきっぷ
half-price ticket
号化, ふごうか
Takes suru
encoding, coding
号器, ふごうき
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