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リツ, リュウ, リットル, た.つ, -た.つ, た.ち-, た.てる, -た.てる, た.て-, たて-, -た.て, -だ.て, -だ.てる
stand up, rise, set up, erect
, 発つ, たつ
Only 立つ, Godan verb, Intransitive
1. to stand, to rise, to stand up
2. to find oneself (e.g. in a difficult position)
usu. 発つ
3. to depart (on a plane, train, etc.)
, たちば
1. position, situation
2. viewpoint, standpoint, point of view
, 聯, れんりつ
Takes suru
1. coalition, alliance, union
2. standing side-by-side
, せいりつ
Takes suru
1. formation, establishment, materialization, coming into existence
2. conclusion (e.g. of a deal), reaching (e.g. an agreement), approval, completion, closing, enacting, arrangement
3. being valid (of a theory, argument, etc.), holding, applying
, どくりつ
Takes suru
1. independence, self-reliance, supporting oneself, being on one's own
2. independence (e.g. of a nation), freedom
3. separation, isolation
, せつりつ
Takes suru
1. establishment, founding
2. incorporation (of a business)
, 目だつ, めだつ
Godan verb, Intransitive
to be conspicuous, to stand out
, たいりつ
Takes suru, May take 'no'
confrontation, opposition, antagonism
て場, , 建て場, 建場, たてば
1. stopping place for horse-drawn carriages and rickshaws (Edo period), high way resting place
2. wholesale rag dealer
, こくりつ
May take 'no'
てる, たてる
Ichidan verb, Transitive, also written as 起てる
1. to stand up, to put up, to set up, to erect, to raise
2. to thrust into, to bury into, to dig into
3. to make (a noise), to start (a rumour), to raise (a cloud of dust, etc.), to cause
4. to make, to establish, to set up, to develop, to formulate
5. to put up (a political candidate), to make (one's leader)
, かくりつ
Takes suru
establishment, settlement
候補, りっこうほ
Takes suru
candidacy, standing as a candidate, bidding (to host an event, e.g. the Olympics)
役に, 役にたつ, やくに, やくにたつ
Expression, Godan verb
to be helpful, to be useful
, 役だつ, やくだつ
Godan verb, Intransitive
to be useful, to be helpful, to serve the purpose
, じゅりつ
Takes suru
establishment, founding, setting (a record)
, ようりつ
Takes suru
backing (for a position), giving support to, helping (someone) to a position
, しりつ, わたくしりつ
May take 'no', See 市立・しりつ, わたくしりつ spoken to avoid confusion with 市立
private (establishment)
, 併, へいりつ
Takes suru
standing abreast
ち上がる, 上がる, 起ち上がる, ちあがる, たちあがる
Godan verb, Intransitive
1. to stand up, to get up
2. to rise
3. to recover
4. to take action, to start
Sumo term
5. to make the initial charge
, しりつ, いちりつ
May take 'no', See 私立・しりつ, いちりつ spoken to avoid confusion with 私立
municipal, city
, じりつ
Takes suru, May take 'no'
independence, self-reliance
, けんりつ
May take 'no'
prefectural, managed by a prefectural government
ち寄る, 寄る, ちよる, たちよる
Godan verb, Intransitive
to stop by, to drop in for a short visit
, こりつ
Takes suru
isolation, being alone, being friendless
, りっぽう
Takes suru, May take 'no'
legislation, lawmaking
, こうりつ
public (institution)
, 先だつ, さきだつ
Godan verb, Intransitive
1. to lead, to take the lead (in doing something)
2. to precede, to go before, to take precedence
3. to die before (esp. one's spouse, parents, etc.)
4. to be a prerequisite
, そうりつ
Takes suru
establishment, founding, organization, organisation
, ちゅうりつ
会い, , ち会い, たちあい
sometimes written 立ち合い
1. presence (e.g. of an observer), observation, observer, witness
2. trading session (at an exchange)
って, さきだって
Expression, See 先立つ・さきだつ・2, usu. as 〜に先立って
1. prior to, before, in advance of
Adverbial noun, Temporal noun (jisoumeishi), See 先だって・せんだって
2. the other day, some time ago, recently
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