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, 窗, 牖, まど
, まどぐち
1. counter, window, teller window, ticket window
2. contact person, point of contact
, どうそうかい
alumni association, graduates' association, alumni meeting, class reunion
, まどぎわ
May take 'no'
(at the) window
, どうそう
May take 'no'
being a graduate of the same school, person who went to the same school, fellow alumnus
, しゃそう
train window, car window
, でまど
bay window
, , まどべ
by the window
, まどわく
window frame, sash
, めくら, めくらまど
false window, blind window
, ゆうそう
quiet window (poet.), dark window
, せんそう
, げんそう
, てっそう
1. iron-barred window
2. prison, jail
, うらまど
back window, rear window
, まどがわ
May take 'no'
, たかまど
high window, clerestory window
, こまど
small window, fenestella, scuttle (type of hatch on a ship)
, きつねまど
small (latticework) window placed up high
, まどがい, マドガイ
windowpane oyster (Placuna placenta)
, まどだい
window-sill, window-ledge
, ほうそう
1. window with a view of a Japanese mugwort thicket
2. poor house, humble house, primitive house
, ぜんそう
front window, windshield
, よろいまど
louvered window
, てんまど, てんそう
1. skylight
Only てんそう
2. head
格子, こうしまど
latticed window
切り, きりまど
windows cut out of a wall
, どうそうせい
graduate of the same school, fellow alumnus, (former) schoolmate
引き, 引, ひきまど
skylight, trap door
無双, むそうまど
(openable) panel in a door
明り, まどあかり
light coming in or leaking through a window
掛け, , まどかけ
際族, まどぎわぞく
useless employees (shunted off by a window to pass their remaining time until retirement)
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