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, 眸, ひとみ
May take 'no'
1. pupil (of eye)
2. eye
, どうこう
pupil (of the eye)
, どうし
, さんどう
Antonym: 縮瞳
mydriasis, (excessive) dilation of the pupil
, しゅくどう
Antonym: 散瞳
miosis, myosis, (excessive) constriction of the pupil
, さんどうやく
mydriatic agent, mydriatic drug
孔拡張, どうこうかくちょう
See 瞳孔散大
pupil dilation
孔散大, どうこうさんだい
dilation of the pupil, mydriasis
孔縮小, どうこうしゅくしょう
Antonym: 瞳孔散大
pupil contraction
白色, はくしょくどうこう
leukocoria, leukokoria, amaurotic cat's eye
孔反射, どうこうはんしゃ
Biology term
pupillary reflex
を凝らす, ひとみをこらす
Expression, Godan verb, See 目を凝らす
to strain one's eyes, to stare
孔括約筋, どうこうかつやくきん
Anatomical term
sphincter muscle of the pupil, sphincter pupillae
君のに乾杯, きみのひとみにかんぱい
Expression, from the movie Casablanca
here's looking at you, kid, cheers to your eyes
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