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真面目, しんめんもく, しんめんぼく
1. one's true character, one's true self, one's true worth
NA-adjective, See 真面目・まじめ, Obsolete term
2. serious, earnest
真面目, 眞面目, まじめ, マジメ
serious, honest, sober, grave, earnest, steady
クソ真面目, くそ真面目, 糞真面目, 糞マジメ, 糞まじめ, クソまじめ, くそまじめ, くそマジメ, クソマジメ
overly serious, serious to a fault, humorless
真面目, 生まじめ, 気まじめ, 気真面目, きまじめ
overserious, deeply sincere, very earnest
真面目くさる, 真面目腐る, マジメ腐る, まじめ腐る, まじめくさる, マジメくさる
Godan verb, Intransitive, usu. as 真面目くさった or 真面目くさって
to become extremely serious (in attitude), to look solemn, to assume a solemn air
真面目, 大まじめ, 大マジメ, おおまじめ, おおマジメ
deadly serious, deadly earnest
真面目, 不まじめ, 不マジメ, ふまじめ, ふマジメ
not serious, frivolous, insincere, unsteady
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