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溝橋, 蘆溝橋, ろこうきょう
Marco Polo Bridge (China)
賓頭, びんずる
Buddhist term
Pindola, Pindola Bharadvaja (one of four Arhats asked by the Buddha to remain in the world to propagate Buddhist law)
遮那, びるしゃな
Buddhist term
Vairocana (Buddha who symbolizes the entirety of the phenomenological world)
舎那仏, るしゃなぶつ
See 毘盧遮那仏, Obscure term
遮那仏, 毘舎那仏, 毘廬遮那仏, びるしゃなぶつ
溝橋事件, 蘆溝橋事件, ろこうきょうじけん
Marco Polo Bridge Incident (July 7, 1937)
摩訶毘遮那, まかびるしゃな
Buddhist term
Mahavairocana (Buddha who symbolizes the entirety of the phenomenological world)
大毘遮那経, だいびるしゃなきょう
See 大毘盧遮那成仏神変加持経・だいびるしゃなじょうぶつじんべんかじきょう, Buddhist term, Abbreviation
Mahavairocana Sutra, Mahavairocana Tantra
大毘遮那成仏神変加持経, だいびるしゃなじょうぶつじんべんかじきょう
Buddhist term
Mahavairocana Sutra, Mahavairocana Tantra
葫蘆, 胡蘆, 胡, ころ
See 夕顔, Obscure term
calabash (Lagenaria siceraria)
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