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セン, たむし
, たいせん
May take 'no'
, ひぜん
See 疥癬, Obscure term
scabies, sarcoptic mange, the itch
, がんせん
See 白癬
ringworm (of the groin), jock itch, tinea cruris
, おうせん
, かいせんちゅう
See ヒゼンダニ, Obscure term
itch mite (Sarcoptes scabiei)
魚鱗, ぎょりんせん
, おうせんきん
achorion fungus
, はくせんきん
Trichophyton fungus (dermatophyte that causes ringworm, etc.)
足白, あしはくせん
See みずむし・1, Medicine term
athlete's foot, foot ringworm, tinea pedis
爪白, つめはくせん
Medicine term
onychomycosis, tinea unguium
, はくせん
Medicine term
ringworm, tinea
, 白禿瘡, しらくも, しらくぼ
Medicine term, Usually in kana
ringworm (of the scalp), tinea capitis
ダニ, ひぜんダニ, ヒゼンダニ
Usually in kana
itch mite (Sarcoptes scabiei)
扁平苔, へんぺいたいせん
lichen planus
, 乾せん, かんせん
, かいせん
May take 'no'
scabies, sarcoptic mange, the itch
田虫, 頑, たむし, タムシ
Usually in kana
ringworm (of the body), tinea corporis
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