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疑問, ぎもん
doubt, question, suspicion, dubiousness
疑問, ぎもんてん
point of uncertainty, unclarified issue, doubt
疑問, ぎもんし
Takes suru
doubting, questioning, being skeptical (of)
疑問, ぎもんふ
Linguistics terminology
question mark
疑問, ぎもんし
Linguistics terminology
疑問, ぎもんぶん
interrogative sentence
このような名詞句を隠れ疑問文(concealed question)といいます。
疑問, ぎもんひょう
disputed ballot
修辞疑問, しゅうじぎもん
Linguistics terminology
rhetorical question
疑問氷解, ぎもんひょうかい
one's doubts being cleared away (dispelled, resolved)
疑問代名詞, ぎもんだいめいし
Linguistics terminology
interrogative pronoun
付加疑問, ふかぎもんぶん
Linguistics terminology
tag-question (e.g. questions like 'He is, isn't he?')
疑問が残る, ぎもんがのこる
Expression, Godan verb
for (some) doubtful points to remain
否定疑問, ひていぎもんぶん
Linguistics terminology
negative question, question asked in the negative (e.g. "Can't you read Japanese?")
疑問に思う, ぎもんにおもう
Expression, Godan verb
to doubt, to think (something is) doubtful, to wonder, to be suspicious
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