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, 畠, はたけ, はた
1. field (for fruits, vegetables, etc.), cultivated land, vegetable plot, kitchen garden, plantation
Only はたけ, Suffix, ばたけ when suf
2. field (of specialization), sphere, area
3. womb, birth, birthplace
, 田畠, たはた, でんぱた, でんばた, たはたけ
fields (of rice and other crops)
, 桑畠, くわばたけ, くわばた
mulberry field, mulberry plantation
, むぎばたけ
wheat field, barley field, cornfield
違い, はたけちがい
May take 'no'
out of one's line, out of one's field
焼き, 焼, やきばた, やきはた, やきばたけ, やいばた
land made arable by the slash-and-burn method, swidden, slash-and-burn farming
, ちゃばたけ
tea plantation, tea field
, はたねずみ, ハタネズミ
Usually in kana
1. Japanese grass vole (Microtus montebelli)
2. any rodent of subfamily Arvicolinae (incl. voles, lemmings and muskrats)
, なえばたけ
field of rice seedlings
, きくばたけ
chrysanthemum field
, ゆばたけ
hot spring area where mineral deposits are harvested
, はたけがたな
Derogatory, Archaism
peasant's sword
, はたち
, はなばたけ
field of flowers, flower garden, flower bed
, はたさく
dry field farming, dry field crop
営業, えいぎょうばたけ
sales field
打ち, はたうち
Takes suru
ploughing, plowing
蜜柑, みかん, みかんばたけ
mandarin plantation
野菜, やさいばたけ
field of vegetables, market garden, truck garden, vegetable garden, kitchen garden
切り, 切, きりはた
hillside farm, fallow ground
水練, はたけすいれん
Idiomatic expression, Humorous term
useless book learning, knowing the theory but being able to put it into practice, practising swimming in a field
栗鼠, はたりす, ハタリス
Usually in kana
ground squirrel (esp. the Daurian ground squirrel, Spermophilus dauricus)
仕事, はたしごと, はたけしごと
Takes suru
working in the fields, working on a farm
占地, 湿地, はたけしめじ, ハタケシメジ
Usually in kana
clustered domecap (Lyophyllum decastes), fried chicken mushroom
焼き, , はたやき
burning stubble and dry grass
の肉, はたけのにく
Expression, See 大豆, Idiomatic expression
soya bean, soybean
小麦, こむぎばたけ
wheat field
お花, 御花, おはなばたけ
See 花畑, Polite
1. field of flowers, flower garden, flower bed
2. field of alpine flowers
ブドウ, ぶどう, 葡萄, ブドウばたけ, ぶどうばたけ
vineyard, vinery, grape plantation
を作る, はたけをつくる
Expression, Godan verb
to farm, to cultivate a field
タバコ, たばこ, 煙草, タバコばたけ, たばこばたけ
tobacco field, tobacco patch
いちご, イチゴ, 苺, いちごばたけ, イチゴばたけ
strawberry field, strawberry patch
ライ麦, ライむぎばたけ
rye field
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