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生活, せいかつ
Takes suru
living, life (one's daily existence), livelihood
生活, せいかつひ
living expenses
生活, しんせいかつ
new life
日常生活, にちじょうせいかつ
everyday life, daily life
生活, しょくせいかつ
eating habits
生活, しせいかつ
one's private life
生活, じっせいかつ
real life, actual life, everyday life
生活, せいかつく
life's struggles
生活, こうせいかつ
public life
生活, じゅうせいかつ
manner of housing
生活, せいせいかつ
sex life, sexual activities
生活, たけのこせいかつ
selling one's personal effects in order to live (like peeling the layers of a bamboo shoot one by one)
生活, せいかつりょく
vitality, ability to earn a living
生活, せいかつけん
one's daily milieu, neighbourhood, neighborhood, zone of life, sphere of life
生活, せいかつかん
life cycle
生活, せいかつほう
art of living, way of life
生活, せいかつしゃ
1. consumer, ordinary citizen, stakeholder
Suffix, See 路上生活者
2. person who lives on (e.g. situation, income, place)
生活, せいかつし
lifestyle magazine
生活, せいかつめん
May take 'no'
practical side of life
生活, せいかつか
socio-environmental studies, life environment studies
生活, せいかつおん
daily life noise, household noises, noise that arises at home from everyday occurrences
生活, りょうせいかつ
life in a dormitory, dormitory life
生活, せいかつかん
lived-in feel (e.g. a room)
生活, せいかつし
Biology term
life cycle, life history
生活, せいかつご
Linguistics terminology
private-sphere language, language used in every day life, dialect
生活, せいかつなん
difficulties in living
一般生活, いっぱんせいかつ
everyday life
隠退生活, いんたいせいかつ
secluded life
享楽生活, きょうらくせいかつ
life of pleasure
共同生活, きょうどうせいかつ
living together, communal life, cohabitation
軍人生活, ぐんじんせいかつ
military life
軍隊生活, ぐんたいせいかつ
army life
公民生活, こうみんせいかつ
national life, civic life
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