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ねこ, , ネコ
1. cat (esp. the domestic cat, Felis catus)
2. shamisen
3. geisha
See 猫車, Abbreviation
4. wheelbarrow
See 猫火鉢
5. clay bed-warmer
, ねこま
See 猫・1, Archaism
, 仔, 子ネコ, 小, 子ねこ, 仔ネコ, こねこ, こネコ, コネコ
1. kitten
2. small cat
, 黒ネコ, くろねこ, くろネコ
black cat
, あいびょう
1. pet cat, beloved cat
See 愛猫家
2. ailurophilia, fondness for cats
, こいねこ
cat in heat, cat in season
はんみょう, 斑, 斑蝥, ハンミョウ
Usually in kana
1. tiger beetle (esp. the Japanese tiger beetle, Cicindela japonica)
See 土斑猫, Colloquialism
2. blister beetle, oil beetle
, うみねこ
black-tailed gull (Larus crassirostris)
, ねこぐるま
, , ねこあし
1. cabriole leg (of a table, chair, etc.)
2. stealthy footsteps, walking silently
, ねこいた
fireside board
, のねこ
stray cat
, くまねこ
See パンダ, Obscure term
, また, , ねこまた
mythical two-tailed monster cat
, いぬねこ
1. dogs and cats, pets
Idiomatic expression
2. something trivial, worthless thing
ねこざめ, , ネコザメ
Usually in kana
bullhead shark (esp. the Japanese bullhead shark, Heterodontus japonicus)
, びょうがく, ねこびたい
See 猫の額
(as small as a) cat's forehead
, れいびょう
See 麝香猫, Obscure term
civet cat
ねこのみ, , ネコノミ
Usually in kana
cat flea (Ctenocephalides felis)
, いえねこ, イエネコ
domesticated cat
, ねこみみ
cat ears
ねこくさ, , ネコクサ
Usually in kana
cat grass (often Avena sativa), catgrass
, かいびょう
monster cat, cat with magical powers
, まんま, ねこまんま, ねこめし
1. cat food
2. dish of leftovers on rice
, おやねこ
See 子猫・1
parent cat
, そとねこ
See 内猫
outdoor cat
, うちねこ
See 外猫
indoor cat, house cat
, ねこむすめ
catgirl, character who looks, acts, etc. like a cat
, ねこすな, ねこずな
cat litter, kitty litter
すなねこ, 砂, スナネコ
Usually in kana
sand cat (Felis margarita), sand dune cat
, ねこかん
canned cat food, tin of cat food
, ねこは
cat person
, ろうびょう
old cat
, 白ネコ, しろねこ, しろネコ
white cat
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