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物は試し, ものはためし
Expression, Proverb
the proof of the pudding is in the eating, the proof is in the pudding, don't knock it till you've tried it
物は高物, やすものはたかもの
Expression, Proverb
buy nice or buy twice, you get what you pay for, cheap goods are (ultimately) expensive goods
甘い物は別腹, あまいものはべつばら
Expression, Proverb
there's always room for dessert, there's another stomach for dessert
物は使いよう, ものは使いよう, 物は使い様, ものはつかいよう
Expression, Proverb
things depend on how you use them, all things have their uses when they are used in the right way
ないものはない, 無い物は無い, 無いものは無い, ない物はない
Expression, Usually in kana
1. there's nothing that doesn't exist, there's nothing we (I, he, she, etc.) don't have
See 無い・1, emphatic form of 無い
2. nonexistent, not in one's possession
合わせ物は離れ物, あわせものははなれもの
Expression, Proverb
something that has been joined together will eventually come apart, what may be joined may be separated
カエサルの物はカエサルに, カエサルのものはカエサルに
Expression, Proverb, from Matthew 22:21
render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's
ものは相談, 物は相談, ものはそうだん
Expression, Proverb
1. a wise man is he who listens to counsel, a worry shared is a worry halved
2. I've got something to ask you
というものは, と言うものは, と言う物は
Expression, Adverb, See と言うことは, Usually in kana
that is to say, so that means
ものは言いよう, 物は言いよう, 物は言い様, 物はいいよう, ものはいいよう
Expression, Proverb
smooth words make smooth ways, it's not what you say, it's how you say it
ものは考えよう, 物は考えよう, 物は考え様, ものはかんがえよう
Expression, Proverb
things depend on how you look at them
持つべきものは友, 持つべき物は, もつべきものはとも
Expression, Proverb
a friend is a good thing to have, a good friend is a great blessing
持つべきものは友人, 持つべき物は友人, もつべきものはゆうじん
Expression, See 持つべきものは友, Proverb
a friend is a good thing to have, a good friend is a great blessing
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