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消滅, しょうめつ
Takes suru
1. extinction, extinguishment, disappearance, vanishing, termination, lapse
Physics terminology
2. annihilation
消滅, ついしょうめつ
Physics terminology
annihilation (of particle and anti-particle)
霊魂消滅, れいこんしょうめつ
罪障消滅, ざいしょうしょうめつ
Buddhist term
expiation of sins
消滅時効, しょうめつじこう
Law term
extinctive prescription, negative prescription, statute of limitations
自然消滅, しぜんしょうめつ
Takes suru
natural extinction, dying a natural death, coming to a natural end
消滅危機言語, しょうめつききげんご
near-extinct language, seriously endangered language
消滅可能性都市, しょうめつかのうせいとし
city at risk of disappearing (because of decreasing population)
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