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, , しお, うしお
1. tide, current
2. sea water
Only しお
3. opportunity, chance
Only うしお, See 潮汁・うしおじる, Abbreviation
4. thin soup of fish or shellfish boiled in seawater
セキ, しお, うしお, せい
eventide, tide, salt water, opportunity
, ちょうせきひょう
tide table, tide charts
, ちょうせきりょく
tidal force, tidal power
摩擦, ちょうせきまさつ
tidal friction
, ちょうせき
May take 'no'
夕潮, 夕, ゆうしお
evening tide
潮汲み, 汲み, しおくみ
Takes suru
drawing seawater to make salt, person who draws water from the sea
血潮, 血, ちしお
1. blood spilt from the body
2. blood circulating within the body (often as a metaphor for strong emotion or hot-bloodedness)
潮合, 潮合い, , 合い, しおあい
See 潮時・しおどき・1
1. tidal hour
See 潮時・しおどき・2
2. right time, favourable opportunity (favorable)
引き潮, 引潮, 引き, 引, ひきしお
ebb tide
潮干狩り, 潮干狩, 干狩り, 干狩, しおひがり
shell gathering (at low tide), clamming
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