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段落, だんらく
1. paragraph
2. end, stopping place, conclusion
段落, ひと段落, いちだんらく, ひとだんらく
Takes suru
1. reaching a stopping place, settling down (before the next stage), getting to a point where one can rest, completing the first stage (of the work)
2. one paragraph
意味段落, いみだんらく
See 形式段落
logical paragraph (as opposed to a formal paragraph), segment of text expressing a single meaning
形式段落, けいしきだんらく
See 意味段落
formal paragraph (in opposition to a logical paragraph), paragraph as defined by its formal elements (e.g. line break and initial indentation)
段落, 三段オチ, さんだんおち, さんだんオチ
See 落ち・おち・3
three-part joke, where the first two parts are similar and mundane, while the third is the punchline (e.g. How do you get to my place? Go down to the corner, turn left, and get lost.), rule of three (in comedy writing)
段落記号, だんらくきごう
pilcrow, paragraph mark, paragraph sign
段落つける, 一段落付ける, いちだんらくつける
Expression, Ichidan verb
to settle (a matter) for the time being, to complete the first stage (of something)
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