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, あざむ.く
deceit, cheat, delude
, さぎ
May take 'no'
fraud, swindle, graft, cheating, trick, scam
, さぎし
swindler, imposter, crook, cheater
, あざむく
Godan verb, Transitive
1. to deceive, to delude, to trick, to fool
in form Aを欺くB
2. to be as ... as ... (e.g. "as bright as day", "as beautiful as a rose")
, きへん, ぎへん
Takes suru
1. deception, deceit, cheating
esp. ぎへん
2. military deception
, ぎさ
See 詐欺
fraud, fraudulence, dupery, hoax
瞞的, ぎまんてき
deceptive, fraudulent
瞞者, ぎまんしゃ
deceiver, a fraud
, さぎざい
Law term
, まん, ぎまん
Takes suru
deception, deceit
信用詐, しんようさぎ
confidence game
寸借詐, すんしゃくさぎ
petty swindling, petty swindler
自己, 自己まん, じこぎまん
May take 'no', yojijukugo
self-deception, self-deceit
金融詐, きんゆうさぎ
financial fraud
証券詐, しょうけんさぎ
securities fraud
雪を, ゆきをあざむく
Expression, Godan verb, See 欺く・あざむく・2
to be as white as snow
結婚詐, けっこんさぎ
marriage fraud, fake marriage
特殊詐, とくしゅさぎ
See オレオレ詐欺・オレオレさぎ, police terminology
variant of bank-transfer fraud
き惑わす, あざむきまどわす
Godan verb
to deceive and lead astray
, きもう, きぼう, ぎもう
Takes suru
deception, defrauding someone, fooling someone, swindling, false pretences
アプリ, さぎアプリ
See アプリ
smartphone app malware, Trojan horse app
ネット詐, ネットさぎ
online fraud
アポ電詐, アポでんさぎ
telephone fraud where the caller pretends to be a relative of the victim
花をく美人, はなをあざむくびじん
Expression, Obscure term
woman as pretty as a flower
ワン切り詐, ワンぎりさぎ
one-ring fraud
オレオレ詐, おれおれ詐, 俺俺詐, 俺おれ詐, おれ俺詐, オレオレさぎ, おれおれさぎ
phone scam involving calls from pretended relatives in distress
振り込め詐, ふりこめさぎ
remittance fraud, bank transfer scam
架空請求詐, かくうせいきゅうさぎ
fraud based on demanding payment for false claims or non-existent bills
タイトル詐, タイトルさぎ
clickbaiting, giving something a misleading title
ワンクリック詐, ワンクリックさぎ
one-click fraud (online fraud and extortion technique often used by spammers)
フィッシング詐, フィッシングさぎ
See フィッシング
ナイジェリア詐, ナイジェリアさぎ
Nigerian fraud, 419 fraud
取り込み詐, 取込み詐, 取込詐, とりこみさぎ
confidence trick
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