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, つえ
cane, walking stick, staff, wand
, じょう
See 五刑, Archaism
severe caning (60-100 times)
, しゃくじょう, さくじょう
bishop's staff, khakkhara
, 傍, そば, そばづえ
blow received by a bystander, getting dragged in to somebody else's fight
, つえはしら
person upon whom one relies
, じょうじゅつ
See 杖道
jōjutsu, form of martial art using a cane staff
, じょうどう
See 杖術
jōdō, form of martial art using a cane staff
, いたどり, イタドリ
Usually in kana
Japanese knotweed (Reynoutria japonica), flowering bamboo
, しゅじょう, ちゅうじょう
staff (esp. one used by a monk, e.g. as a walking stick during a pilgrimage)
, 長鼓, じょうこ, チャンゴ, チャング
janggu (Korean hourglass drum), janggo, changgo
, つえじょう
May take 'no'
, ほうづえ
brace (in construction), angle brace
, しょくじょう
mace, (ceremonial) staff
, かゆづえ
wand used when preparing gruel for the 15th of the first month (said to cure sterility in women)
, はくじょう
white cane (for the blind or visually impaired)
鹿, かせづえ
Obscure term
forked stick
松葉, 松葉づえ, まつばづえ
crutch, crutches
竹の, 竹のつえ, たけのつえ
bamboo rod (stick, pole)
撞木, しゅもくづえ
Obscure term
金剛, こんごうづえ, こんごうじょう
pilgrim's staff
, ぎじょうへい
guard of honour
, しゃくじょうそう, シャクジョウソウ
Usually in kana
yellow bird's-nest (Monotropa hypopitys), pinesap, false beechdrops
魔法, まほうづえ
See 魔法の杖
magic wand
振り, ふりじょう
historical term
flail with a retractable iron weight and chain
仕込み, しこみづえ
sword cane
雛の錫, ひなのしゃくじょう, ヒナノシャクジョウ
Usually in kana
Burmannia championii (species of flowering plant)
魔法の, まほうのつえ
See 魔法杖
magic wand
, 頰, 面, ほおづえ, ほほづえ, つらづえ
See 頬杖をつく
1. resting one's chin in one's hands
Only ほおづえ, See 方杖
2. brace (in construction), angle brace
をつく, 頬づえをつく, 頬を突く, ほおづえをつく
Expression, Godan verb
to rest one's chin in one's hands
を携える, つえをたずさえる
Expression, Ichidan verb
to carry a cane
転ばぬ先の, ころばぬさきのつえ
Expression, Proverb
prevention is better than cure, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, look before you leap, forewarned is forearmed, a stitch in time saves nine, a walking stick before stumbling
とも柱とも頼む, つえともはしらともたのむ
Expression, Godan verb
to count on someone as the only support
アスクレピオスの, アスクレピオスのつえ
rod of Asclepius
に縋るとも人に縋るな, つえにすがるともひとにすがるな
Expression, Proverb
don't be a burden to others, lean on your cane, but don't lean on others
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