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暴力, ぼうりょく
violence, mayhem
暴力, ぼうりょくだん
bōryokudan, gangster organization (organisation), crime syndicate, yakuza
暴力, せいぼうりょく
sexual violence, gender-related violence
暴力, ひぼうりょく
May take 'no'
nonviolence, non-violence
暴力, ぼうりょくてき
家庭内暴力, かていないぼうりょく
household violence (esp. adolescent children towards parents), domestic violence
暴力革命, ぼうりょくかくめい
violent revolution
暴力団員, ぼうりょくだんいん
See 暴力団
member of an organized crime group, gangster, mobster, yakuza
政治暴力, せいじぼうりょく
political violence
暴力沙汰, ぼうりょくざた
(committing, resorting to) an act of violence
暴力手段, ぼうりょくしゅだん
violent means
校内暴力, こうないぼうりょく
school violence
暴力行為, ぼうりょくこうい
act of violence, violent behavior
暴力団狩り, ぼうりょくだんがり
roundup of gangsters
政治的暴力, せいじてきぼうりょく
political violence
組織暴力, そしきぼうりょくだん
organized crime syndicate, organised crime syndicate
暴力団抗争, ぼうりょくだんこうそう
gangland war
暴力団組員, ぼうりょくだんくみいん
mobsters, gangsters
暴力シーン, ぼうりょくシーン
violent scene (in a movie, etc.)
指定暴力, していぼうりょくだん
See 暴力団
designated organized crime group, designated criminal organisation, designated bōryokudan, designated yakuza group, group officially listed as criminal by the National Police Agency
暴力抵抗, ひぼうりょくていこう
nonviolent resistance
密室の暴力, みっしつのぼうりょく
Expression, See ドメスティックバイオレンス, See 家庭内暴力・かていないぼうりょく
violence behind closed doors, domestic violence
暴力団排除, ぼうりょくだんはいじょ
combating organized crime, elimination of criminal gangs
暴力に訴える, ぼうりょくにうったえる
Expression, Ichidan verb
to resort to violence
暴力団対策法, ぼうりょくだんたいさくほう
Anti-Organized Crime Law (1991)
民事介入暴力, みんじかいにゅうぼうりょく
racketeering by interceding in civil disputes and threatening the use of violence
暴力団関係者, ぼうりょくだんかんけいしゃ
person involved in a gang, person with gangster associations, yakuza member
暴力を振るう, 暴力をふるう, ぼうりょくをふるう
Expression, Godan verb
to behave violently, to commit violence, to use force
特定危険指定暴力, とくていきけんしていぼうりょくだん
See 指定暴力団
especially dangerous designated criminal group, especially dangerous designated boryokudan
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